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Joe Sciammarella

Actor (Non-union)

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Joe Sciammarella studied Dramatic Arts at Long Island's Dowling College. After a long hiatus from acting he made his debut with Niagara Falls' Theatre in the Mist in 2018.


     He has also performed with Western Door Playhouse, the Springville Center for the Arts, Carriage House Players, and has worked as a voice actor in several productions by Patchwork Radio Theatre. In addition, Joe has performed stand-up comedy at Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo.

     Joe has done regional and national television commercials, has been featured in several short films, and works as a background actor.

    Joe is a former member of the Board of Trustees of Theatre in The Mist. When he is not on stage he is an emergency medicine physician.


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Videos: Commercials

Buffalo Audi

RoadRun Air

Niagara County Democratic Committee

Videos: Stage


Making God Laugh

You Can't Take It With You

Mary Poppins


Helium Comedy Club



Height: 5"8'   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Grey


Reunion                                                       Smart Luck Productions                 2021 Buffalo 48-hour film project

Honor                                                          Smart Luck Productions                 2020  Buffalo Movie/Video Makers

Couples                                                       Smart Luck Productions                 2020  Streamed production


Fall                                                                Supporting                                      Patchwork Radio Theatre 2022

War of the Worlds                                       Supporting                                      Patchwork Radio Theatre 2021

Wendigo                                                      Supporting                                      Patchwork Radio Theatre 2021


Proof                                            Robert                                              Carriage House Players               2022

It's a Wonderful Life                   Clarence Odbody                           Springville Center for the Arts    2021

Into The Woods                          Mysterious Man                              Theatre in the Mist                       2019

Guys and Dolls                            Rusty Charlie                                   Western Door Playhouse            2019

You Can't Take It With You         Martin Vanderhof                           Theatre in the Mist                       2019

Making God Laugh                     Bill                                                    Theatre in the Mist                      2018

Mary Poppins                               Admiral Boom/Park Keeper          Theatre in the Mist                      2018


Hustle (Netflix 2022)                                    Happy Madison Productions                                    Background

Political Commercial (2021)                    Niagara County Democratic Party                        Lead

RoadRun Air TV Commercial  (2021)     Noam Argov, Director                                           Supporting

SLA (2021)                                                Rebecca Christie, Director                                    Background

Ask Me To Dance  (2021)                        Tom O'Malley, Director                                         Background

Unusual Attraction (2021)                       David O. Anderson, Director                                Supporting

Heartbreak Falls (2021)                           John Michael Nolan, Director                              Background

Blue Diamond (2021)                              Xylograph Films                                                     Supporting

The Come to Jesus Meeting  (2021)     Isaac Harris, Director                                              Lead

Buffalo Audi (2021)                                 Television Commercial                                           Supporting   

Discover Card Training Video (2021)     Eagle Productivity Solutions                                 Lead

Terror From Beyond Beyond (2021)      Monstrous Moviephile Production                       Supporting

Honor        (2020)                                     Smart Luck Productions                                        Supporting

Couples     (2020)                                    Smart Luck Productions                                        Supporting

Kid & Nick  (2020)                                    Unnecessary Roundabout Productions               Lead

Sid is Dead (2018, post-production)      American High Productions                                 Background


Dowling College: Dramatic Arts

Acting Studio 716 Bob Rusch: Scene study

All Coast Talent: Voiceover training

COVID-19 (Level A and B) for the Film and Video Production Industry: Safe Sets International

Special Skills

Bilingual (English/Spanish)

Singing   (Lyric Baritone)

Stand-Up Comedy

Martial Arts (Kung Fu/Tai Chi)

Former Military Officer  (U.S. Army Reserve)

Doctorate in Medicine (Board Certified Emergency Medicine)

Member, Advisory Board, Safe Sets International, Toronto, Canada


Buffalo Movie-Video Makers, Second place "Shorty" Contest Smart Luck Productions  short film HONOR, 2020 


Theatre Association of New York State Meritorious Achievement for Ensemble Performance Theatre In The Mist's Production of INTO THE WOODS, 2019

Theatre Association of New York State Meritorious Achievement for Ensemble Performance Theatre In The Mist's Production of YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, 2019



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